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Product Information

Aquilaria trees fruit and seeds

Aquilaria nursery with thousands of seedlings that will provide cultivated agarwood for the future

Our cultivated agarwood incense is hand made by rural people in Vietnam and the incense cones and sticks are packaged in wooden boxes partially made from the harvested Aquilaria trees that do not contain resin and also from wood of other trees that were grown in a sustainable way. Joss sticks are incense sticks with a bamboo core. They are often called temple sticks since it is this type of long burning incense stick that is used in temples throughout Asia. Since these incense sticks are long (30 cm) they are packaged in a cardboard cylinder.

Agarwood chips are resin filled pieces of wood removed directly from the tree and cut into thin segments. Burning these chips provides one of the best ways to enjoy the finest agarwood aroma with little smoke. The chips can be lighted with a match or candle. Just take a piece, light an end, and quickly blow out the flame. Repeat this process a few times to generate sufficient aroma. The aromatic compounds are released when the agarwood is burned and will rise quickly to the top of the room. The fragrance will be noticed immediately but is best after a few minutes when the aroma has filtered down into the room where it will linger for some time during meditation, relaxation or simply for your enjoyment. Chips can also be placed on lighted charcoal in a censer or used in the Japanese style of incense burning (such as the koh-doh ceremony). Also available is a finely ground agarwood powder to burn on charcoal or to use in making your own incense.

In Vietnam and in many other countries, homes have an altar or dedicated place where incense is burned. To hold incense sticks or joss sticks, a small incense bowl containing ash or sand is used. Scented Mountain offers several types of incense bowls for holding incense. Also available are saucer-shaped incense burners with a hole in the center that can be used to burn incense sticks or cones.

CITES permit

All Scented Mountain agarwood products are cultivated in plantations and have CITES permits issued for them

All Scented Mountain incense contains only pure agarwood. The aroma is subtle and has no strong perfume-like smell often associated with mixed blends of incense. For thousands of years people have enjoyed the natural scent of agarwood and it has been loved so much by so many that most old growth trees have been cut to harvest the resinous wood. The very few remaining trees are now protected in most countries. We are pleased to make this wonderful incense available to everyone and you can be assured that no endangered forest trees are used. Instead plantation or home garden grown trees produce this agarwood and CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) permits have been issued for all our products.

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