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Monk's Wands / Sultan's Torch
Monk's Wands / Sultan's Torch

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Product Information:

Large pieces of the finest quality agarwood from Vietnam. These pieces are 10 to 12 inches (25 to 30cm) long with dark resin of superb quality. Ideal for use at celebrations where a long piece of agarwood can be used to generate fragrance with a lot of flair.Just light an end with a flame, blow out quickly and wave the wand in the air. Repeat this process to generate the amount of aroma desired. Years ago, in the mountainous region of Vietnam, Monks used large pieces of agarwood during special religious celebrations or for an occasion of honor. They also have been used in a similar way in the Middle East where royalty would burn large pieces as fragrant torches.  In recent years, however, lighted wands or agarwood torches were rarely seen due to the scarcity of big pieces of agarwood from natural forests. We are very pleased that diligent carvers have been able to cut long pieces from some of our older cultivated trees and it is a delight to have them available. These pieces of agarwood are truly outstanding and perfect for use as a fragrant torch at your celebrations. They also are great conversation pieces when a handful of them are placed in a traditional incense bowl on display. For larger quantities, please contact us.

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